Running insoles help your running injuries

Running insoles - Proper footwear is magic secret to fast and injury free runs. Your footwear must absorb massive impact loads, reduce excessive rotation of the feet (also known as overpronation) and legs, and keep the feet comfortable and blister-free.

Best insoles - There are two basic parts of a running shoe – the shoes and the running insole.These combined together make most of the cushioning and stability found in running shoes. For more serious runners logging many miles a week, the running insole is a very important and easily adjustable part of a shoe. Most of the times, the running insole which comes with the shoe is just not enough and too thin when it comes to serious training or even training runs. These insoles are usually too thin and provide no sort of protection, stability, support or cushioning.

Is is important to know that running insoles can be categorized into three different type of insoles known as cushioned insoles, stability insoles and cushioned stability insoles.

Cushioned insoles are the plush thick running insoles which offer that smooth cushion ride. They usually absorb all of the shock through a range of different materials. These are great when you are constantly running on pavement during your runs. They help eliminate any hot spots and pains from the constant pounding of the pavement under your feet.

Stability insoles are rigid or semi-rigid designs that help the foot resist excessive over pronation. These usually work in conjunction with the shoe to help your ankles and feet from rolling too much on the inside, which is also known in the industry as overpronation. This is a very common problem with runners and stability insoles provide them with the stability they need. This often is the best prevention against overpronation injuries like plantar faciitis. Stability insoles often come with arch support for those people who also suffer from flat arches or feet.

Cushioned stability insoles as you guessed it combine the best of the cushioned insoles with the stability insoles. Whilst alone they are not as good as a dedicated stability insole or a cushioned insole, they offer a compromise which is very popular with runners at all levels wanting to get the both of both worlds.


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